An achievement for Reichman University as it makes its debut on the prestigious PitchBook list

08 November

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This year, for the first time, Reichman University was included in the prestigious PitchBook rankings, which rate universities around the world in terms of how many entrepreneurs they produce. Reichman University was ranked 38th in the world, thanks to its 350 graduates who have gone on to found 293 companies, together raising about $8.8 billion. Moreover, among the small universities listed in the report – those with less than 15,000 students – Reichman University ranks 7th in the world.


Reichman was listed in the rankings alongside elite universities such as Stanford, which was ranked fist, Harvard and MIT. This achievement is especially remarkable in light of the fact that Reichman University is a relatively young institution – only 28 years old – and is a private university, run as a public benefit corporation that does not receive funding from the governmental budgetary system for higher education. Its expenses are funded exclusively by tuition and donations.


The university rankings, conducted every year by the business information firm PitchBook, compares universities by carrying out by a comprehensive study of about 150 of the world's leading venture capital funds that maps the number of start-ups and founders that have come out of each university.


This is but one of several recent accomplishments by Reichman University. These include the university ranking first place in the National Union of Israeli Students’ student satisfaction survey, which covers, among other things, the quality of teaching, the lecturers’ personalized approach to the students, the level of the courses, and the use of learning technologies; Reichman graduates placing first in the Auditors’ Council’s qualifying exam in advanced financial accountancy, and ranking first with regards to salaries earned by graduates of bachelor's degrees in computer science, law, economics and business administration.


Alongside these achievements, last month Reichman University announced the establishment of a school for the high-tech professions in cooperation with Google. The School of Tech will work to provide equal opportunities and advance underrepresented populations. Furthermore, last June, Reichman University established a venture capital fund that will invest mainly in start-ups whose founders are among its graduates. The fund is raising $30 million for pre-seed and seed-stage investment in companies, some of which are founded while the students are still in university.


Reichman University’s students are educated in light of the motto “Freedom and Responsibility,” and alongside the emphasis placed on excellence in research and teaching, prominence is given to social responsibility and community involvement. The university offers a unique double-major bachelor's degree program in entrepreneurship and computer science, business administration, or economics. This degree is the first of its kind in Israel, and operates within the framework of the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship, an innovative school that is unique in the Israeli academic landscape, aiming to advance research and education in the field of Israeli entrepreneurship.


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