Gili Dinstein, CEO, Friends of Reichman University & External Relations Israel will also manage the alumni organization

27 March

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Dear Alumni,

We are pleased to announce that Reichman University’s Alumni Association is embarking on a new path.

The Alumni Association was established in 1998 by the University’s first graduating class together with the leadership of IDC at that time. Today, the association boasts approximately 34,000 alumni and about 2,500 new alumni join its ranks every year.

Ms. Gili Dinstein, who holds 10 years of experience as CEO of External Relations Israel & Friends of Reichman University, will now be responsible for the Alumni Association as well. After all, it is our alumni who make the best of our friends.

We would like to wholeheartedly thank Dr. Adi Koll, who ran the Alumni Association until now, for her ceaseless efforts all these years, her unending commitment to Reichman University’s values, and her ambition to manage an organization for the best interests of our alumni. Adi succeeded in developing social and professional activities for the alumni and we are all proud of her achievements. Fortunately, Adi will remain in her position as Dean of Student Affairs and will continue, from this role, to contribute to the institution, its students, and alumni.

The Alumni Association is a professional and social network of all our alumni, which is based on solidarity, a sense of belonging, and an "esprit de corps". We will always operate in the name of the values that guided your experience and time as students, and we will continue to promote the University as well as the resilience of the State of Israel. The Association’s vision places you - Reichman University alumni - in key positions in Israeli society, helping shape our country's image, while simultaneously situating Reichman's University as one of the leading universities in Israel and around the world.

Remember - the gates to the campus are always open and we are all here for you, at all times.




Prof. Uriel Reichman                                          Prof. Rafi Melnick
Founding President & Chairperson                               President
of the Board of Directors