Studying a semester in the Galápagos Islands: a dream come true

21 October

School of Sustainability

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Our students from the Israeli school Adaya Mitelman and Danielle Ron, along with Sophia Baranes from the International school, are excited to share their last year’s amazing experience from the most beautiful place in the world: the Galápagos Islands!


"We are taking part in a Student Exchange Program at the University of San Francisco's branch in one of the magical islands in the Galápagos: San Cristobal Island.


The ocean and the mountains have become our classrooms. Most of the knowledge is acquired through practical experience. We got to see whales, dolphins, sharks, sea turtles and even sea lions! We are exploring all kind of unique species of plants and animals such as endemic birds (those with blue legs!!!) and part of the curriculum even requires...diving!!!"


Sophia has even gotten advanced scuba certified, conducted her first in field active research, volunteered at a farm, and so much more...


"We have to identify interesting patterns and learn about the local politics behind the National Park's decisions. While the incredible connection of the local population with nature is undeniable, the conflict between the need to develop and increase the tourism industry on the one hand, and the desire to preserve the island's ecosystems and species on the other hand, is really prominent.


We are experiencing a unique and practical way to study here, allowing us to apply the tools and knowledge we have accumulated to deal with these conflicts. Learning, experiencing and applying existing principles in such a place is really privilege and an unforgettable experience!


Every day has become an opportunity to learn more.

Every day has become an adventure in itself!"