“The Future of Copyright in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” a new book by Dr. Aviv Gaon

13 September

Harry Radzyner Law School

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We congratulate our colleague, Dr. Aviv Gaon, for publishing his first book, “The Future of Copyright in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” by Edward Elgar Publishing in London, UK. Dr. Gaon is our most recent faculty member, and his research focuses on Intellectual Property, Law & Technology and Competition Law. His book offers an extensive analysis of intellectual property Law and authorship theories and explores the possible impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on those theories.

The photo from the right: Dr Aviv Gaon, The cover of the book


Dr. Gaon makes compelling arguments via the exploration of authorship, ownership and artificial intelligence. First, the book advocates for a more holistic approach to authorship, arguing that there is no good reason to exclude computer-generated and AI creations from copyright. Second, the book conducts an open search for the right ‘candidate’ for ownership. In doing so, the book explores several possible legal frameworks, including assigning ownership to the programmer, the user, the AI itself and other alternatives such as the public domain or author-in-law approaches. Third, the book explores the concept of AI as it has developed through the years in various fields, seeking to reframe the AI legal concept. Reviewing the book, Professor Peter Menell, University of California at Berkeley, School of Law wrote: “As thinking machines enter the creative marketplace, Dr. Aviv Gaon has produced a thoroughly researched and wide-ranging analysis of copyright protection for works created by or with artificial intelligence (AI). The book's provocative conclusion, that the law should evolve to recognize AI as capable of copyright-protected authorship of creative works, is a must read for humans (and AIs) interested in the rapidly unfolding future of intellectual property law and the creative arts.” The book is available for purchase via Elgar Law publishing.