The Women's Alumni Forum invites you to join and volunteer

11 March

Alumni Association

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During February, the Forum held an exposure event showcasing the 2021 volunteer activities for encouraging healthy sexuality and prevention of sexual exploitation among youth.


Dr. Adi Koll, Dean of Student and Alumni Affairs, opened the event and said:


“I decided to ‘come to light’ today because this moment is exactly what I came to the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya for. It took me some time to understand and hone the platform and the suitable collaborations, but I came here to make to use of immense power of the IDC, the students, the academic faculty and the alumni of course; to raise awareness to the social injustices and the responsibility of all of us towards those who are less fortunate than us and promote meaningful social activity.


“Think about it for a second. There are currently 30,000 IDC alumni. Each year another 2,000 alumni join this community. If we decide to take action and get only some of the alumni on board - we don’t need everyone - think about the significant things we could undertake.


“This was what I had in mind when I suggested that our Women’s Alumni Forum take the tour of the social space. This seems to me a natural and necessary development of the Forum’s activity that started with multi-participant events on campus, transitioned to intimate sessions hosted by alumnae called IDShe, and today we start a new chapter.”


How can I join the volunteer activity?


The Women’s Alumni Forum invites you to join the activity run in collaboration with the “Toda’a” NGO (toda’a = awareness), and choose one of the volunteer tracks. Preliminary training, as well as ongoing guidance, is provided in all tracks.


The following are the volunteer tracks:


  1. Facilitating 90-minute workshops for youth in schools and informal settings on the prevention of prostitution consumption.
  2. Mentoring for girls at risk – individual guidance for teenage girls for a year. The volunteers mentor the girls and meet with them directly for approximately one hour a week.
  3. Volunteering on the STORIZ chat – an anonymous consultation chat for youth, run in collaboration with local authorities. This is virtual/distance volunteering.

The program includes a tour in the social space and three training sessions via ZOOM.The Alumni Association invites you to come and volunteer, do good and change lives.For information and registration, click here >>


The volunteering and training are in Hebrew.